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The central coastal city of Danang has seen robust growth in the tourism sector, thanks to scores of festivals taking place between May and September.

Danang City recorded 1.6 million tourists over the past two months, surging by 26% year-on-year, said Tran Chi Cuong, deputy director of the Department of Tourism of Danang City. He attributed this to a series of festivals and activities, such as the Danang International Fireworks Festival and Danang-Summer Destination 2018 program.

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The newly opened Danaksara restaurant is named with a combination of the ancient name of the city - "Danak" and a Hebrew feminine word referring to a female minister - "Sara". Located in the heart of the magnificent Furama Villas Danang, this voyage through the unique taste of Authentic Central Vietnam cuisine offers diners an excellence of traditional Vietnamese food from the Central Vietnam's Region in particular, in a symphony of delightful textured, balanced and sophisticated dishes.

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According to Danang Municipal Department of Tourism on February 19th, the city welcomed a total of 296,972 visitors during Tet holiday, rising by 14% compared to the same period last year.

International arrival achieved 132,079, up by 27.6% whilst remainders were domestic tourists, increasing to 5% year-on-year at 164,893.

According to Mr. Tran Chi Cuong, Deputy Director of Danang Tourism Department, most of domestic tourists were from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Favorable weather condition during Tet holiday has contributed to the rise in domestic tourists and a majority of tourists started off their trip after the first day of the Lunar New Year.

The increase in the number of international tourists was mainly attributed to the timing of Tet holiday as it falls on the holiday season of neighboring markets such as Korea, China, Japan, etc and overseas Vietnamese.

Another reason for the growth in foreign tourists during Tet holiday was new direct international flight routes being exploited, including Incheon – Danang (Vietjet Air, EASTAR JET), Hongkong – Danang (Jetstar), Busan – Danang (T'way), Daegu – Danang (T'way, Air Busan), Osaka – Danang (Jetstar), Yang yang – Danang (Jetstar). Meanwhile, 89 more flights utilized has contributed to the increasing number of international tourist arrivals as well as enhanced the chance for Central Vietnam residents in general Danang citizens in particular to travel to neighbouring countries.

In particular, a total of 84 new hotels have been put into use in the city in a bid to satisfy the growing demand for accommodations over Tet.

Apart from offering attractive discount programmes, these accommodation establishments have treated their clients with a wide range of fascinating activities welcoming in the Lunar New Year such as traditional Vietnamese cuisine buffets; lion dance performances and lucky money giving.

Between 14 and 20 February, the city welcomed a total of 40,750 international air passengers from 269 flights, up 81.8% on last year.

The total number of in-house guests in the city reached 108,227, increasing 17% over the same period in 2017; Of which, international arrivals reached 69,568, an increase of 27.2%, domestic visitors reached 38,659 arrivals, rising by 2% year-on-year.

According to several local hotels, room bookings were mainly from the 2nd day to the 4th day of Tet holiday, thus the room capacity in most 3-5 star hotels from the 2nd day to the 4th day of the Lunar New Year reached 70 to 98% whilst the remaining days' average capacity was 50% - 60%.

The room capacity during the Lunar New Year for 4 to 5 star hotels was 75-80% while the average length of stay was 3.5 days.

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