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The central coastal city of Danang has seen robust growth in the tourism sector, thanks to scores of festivals taking place between May and September.

Danang City recorded 1.6 million tourists over the past two months, surging by 26% year-on-year, said Tran Chi Cuong, deputy director of the Department of Tourism of Danang City. He attributed this to a series of festivals and activities, such as the Danang International Fireworks Festival and Danang-Summer Destination 2018 program.

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The newly opened Danaksara restaurant is named with a combination of the ancient name of the city - "Danak" and a Hebrew feminine word referring to a female minister - "Sara". Located in the heart of the magnificent Furama Villas Danang, this voyage through the unique taste of Authentic Central Vietnam cuisine offers diners an excellence of traditional Vietnamese food from the Central Vietnam's Region in particular, in a symphony of delightful textured, balanced and sophisticated dishes.

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Taking place at Furama Resort Danang from April 17th-20th 2018 and attended by nearly 170 representatives including Environment ministers from Asian countries, National Designated Authorities (NDAs), Accredited Entities active in the regions, and other regional and country stakeholders, together with the GCF Secretariat and selected GCF Board members, the Dialogue aimed at enhancing the level of engagement between the GCF and Asian countries.

A high-level ministerial session on April 17th brought together ministers from Asian countries to highlight strategic opportunities for increasing the ambition for climate action in Asia and to identify opportunities for regional cooperation.

The Asia dialogue provided partners with an opportunity to increase their understanding of the diverse modalities to engage with the Fund. The discussions also focused on further developing and refining country programmes. The dialogue sought to determine which priorities identified by country strategies and programmes are the best match for GCF support, given its established investment criteria.

Through this increased level of direct engagement, GCF could support a low-carbon and climate resilient development in rapidly developing Asia.

All delegates have expressed their absolute satisfaction towards the thorough preparation and attentive service delivered by Furama Resort Danang & Ariyana Convention Centre team.

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