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Danang photographer free dives to capture ocean’s beauty


Photographer Dao Dang Cong Trung has spent years capturing rare images of coral reefs and sea creatures while also collecting trash from the seafloor.

The 42-year-old Hoi An native, who works at a resort on Son Tra Peninsula in Danang, is capable of diving to depths of 10-12m and holding his breath for two minutes. He has taken many underwater photos in the sea off Danang, mostly around Son Tra. Trung began taking underwater photos around five years ago. Every time he dives, he also collects trash from the seafloor and frees corals from nets, he says. Trung says there are a lot of corals around Son Tra, but the reefs near the Bai Nam area, close to shore, is vulnerable to people accidentally damaging them while sightseeing. Damaged reefs could take years to return to their original state.


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