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Da Nang Develops Smart Tourism Solutions To Drive Post-Pandemic Recovery


Over recent years, Da Nang has prioritised developing smart tourism, which can be simply understood as a kind of tourism that applies information technology to regular tourism activities. In the face of hard times triggered by coronavirus, smart tourism is believed to be an inevitable trend in the ‘smokeless industry’ in a bid to effectively marketing the city’s products and services.

According to CEO of the Songhan Incubator (SHi) Ly Dinh Quan, a number of apps such as IoT (Internet of things) create connections in the process of smart travel deployment, help to establish closer links between tour operators, functional management agencies and tourists, with transparent and interconnected information.In his perspectives, Chairman of the Da Nang Tourism Association Cao Tri Dung underlined a need for tour operators and travel agents in Da Nang to promote the use of social media, online travel booking platforms, as well as seek out new technology approaches to bring their products closer to tourists.

Photo: Nguyễn Trung Thu
Source: DA NANG Today

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