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Danang eyes to emerge as attractive golf tourism destination


Golf tourism is known as a type of sport tourism that combines the play of golf with other activities of sightseeing, exploring and relaxing at various destinations. Golf tourism is highly potential in Viet Nam, and golf travelers are known for their long stays and high expenditure, which is many times higher than spending by ordinary visitors. Therefore, golf tourism will become an effective segment to attract international visitors, bringing sustainable and stable benefits to the country’s ‘non-smoke industry’.

As assessed by domestic tourism experts, after the COVID-19 wave is brought under control, the demand for foreign visitors, especially high-spenders to Viet Nam to play golf would be even greater because this tourism product has a high safety level and low contact with limited crowds.

In reality, Danang and its neighbors in Central Viet Nam boast many advantages to develop this lucrative type of tourism, including much strength when it comes to modern accommodation infrastructure and a world-class golf course system. Currently, Central Viet Nam houses seven put-into-operation golf courses, three of which are in Danang alone. The country has a combined total of about 70,000 golfing members, mainly in the capital city of Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.

In the near future, the Danang tourism industry will organize a series of events to spread the strength of golf tourism in Danang and other central localities, thereby attracting visitors from potential markets in 2022 and the subsequent years. During his recent interview with Danang Newspaper, Mr. Pham Thanh Tri, the Standing Vice Chairman of Viet Nam Golf Tourism Association, emphasized that the Viet Nam golf tourism will thrive through economic and cultural relationships with Asia’s top golf markets, namely Japan and the Republic of Korea (RoK).

Particularly, Danang shows off many advantages to develop this type of tourism thanks to its impressively- developed tourism ecosystem listed among the top rankings in Viet Nam. Next year, the Viet Nam Golf Association proposes the organization of the awards ceremony of the upcoming World Golf Awards 2022 in Danang so as to promote this emerging golf destination.


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