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103 - 105 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City, Vietnam

7,0 km from Danang Airport

Furama Resort Danang & Ariyana Convention Centre Danang at VITM Hanoi 2024

Furama-Ariyana Danang Tourism Complex is honored to participate in the VITM Hanoi 2024 (Vietnam International Travel Mart). This year’s theme, “Vietnam Tourism – Green Transformation for Sustainable Development,” marks the revival of Vietnam’s tourism industry. The event provides an opportunity for businesses to forge new business relationships, strengthen connections with customers, and showcase their travel products and services. It also features forums, workshops, and cultural performances.

The first day of the event was bustling with activities, and Ariyana was particularly pleased to receive special attention from many customers. Our representatives engaged with potential partners and customers, discussing future collaborations that could lead to exciting opportunities and mutual growth.

Moreover, VITM Hanoi 2024 was an excellent opportunity for Furama and Ariyana to showcase their commitment to sustainable tourism practices. Our booths displayed information on our eco-friendly initiatives and how we incorporate sustainability into our everyday operations. We also explored new trends in the industry, particularly those related to environmental responsibility and how these can be implemented to enhance guest experiences while respecting the planet.

Overall, the event was not only a chance to reaffirm our place in the tourism sector but also a moment to connect with like-minded professionals dedicated to shaping a sustainable future for travel. We are excited about the possibilities uncovered at VITM Hanoi 2024 and look forward to implementing new ideas and practices that align with our vision for sustainable and innovative tourism at Furama Resort Danang and Ariyana Convention Centre Danang.

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