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Spring Cultural Culinary Night: “Vietnamese Tradition – Vietnamese Artisan”

On the evening of March 29, commemorating 49 years since the Liberation of Da Nang, Furama Resort Da Nang, in collaboration with the Da Nang Hotel Association and the Da Nang Culinary Culture Association, organized a Spring Cultural and Culinary Gala to honor the beauty of culture and cuisine from all regions of Vietnam.

Vietnamese Culinary Artisans introduced dishes to the esteemed guests
The event attracted attention from a large number of journalists and guests

This event was advised by culinary culture researcher Le Tan and featured by four of Vietnam’s leading culinary artisans including Vietnamese Culinary Artisan Phan Ton Gia Hien, Master Chef Le Van Khanh – Executive Chef at 37a Hung Vuong, National Convention Center & Ho Chi Minh Political Academy, Master Chef Le Nguyen Hoan Long – Vice President of the Vietnam World Master Chefs Association, and Executive Chef Doan Van Tuan – Executive Chef of the Furama – Ariyana Danang International Tourism Complex.

Vietnamese Culinary Artisan Phan Ton Gia Hien with the dish “Nem hinh Cong – Cha hinh Phung”
Master Chef Le Nguyen Hoan Long with the dish: “East Meets West Gathering”
Master Chef Le Van Khanh with the dish “Fish turns into Dragon”
Executive Chef Doan Van Tuan with the dish “Spring Essence”

At the program, Furama Resort Danang also introduced to the attendees exhibition booths of Central Region’s agricultural products from Tr’hy village, Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province; and traditional Nam O fish sauce, in Da Nang city – with the goal of promoting local agricultural products, aiming for sustainable development and building community value.

Exhibition both with Vietnamese local agricultural products
Exhibition both with Vietnamese local agricultural products

About the dishes crafted by the Vietnamese Culinary Artisans

Culinary Artisan Phan Ton Gia Hien – Crafting “Nem hinh Cong – Cha hinh Phung”

Master Chef Phan Ton Gia Hien is the eldest daughter of Mrs. Ton Nu Thi Ha – an Artisan of Vietnamese Culinary People and also the elder sister of Master Chef of Vietnamese Cuisine, judge of Vietnam’s Top Chef, World Culinary Expert, Master Chef Phan Ton Tinh Hai.

As a descendant of the Nguyen dynasty royal lineage, Master Chef Phan Ton Gia Hien inherits the culinary heritage of the famous Hue cultural family “TINH GIA VIEN” and the Imperial City of Hue with refined skills and techniques passed down from the “Royal Kitchens” serving the Imperial Court, from the noble ladies of the Ministry of Rites, Ministry of Ceremonies, and the Governor’s Mansion (in the ancient court). Hue royal cuisine is an art of culinary and artistic pinnacle requiring meticulousness and sophistication in processing and presentation. Over the past nearly 30 years, together with her mother – Mrs. Ton Nu Thi Ha, Master Chef Phan Ton Gia Hien has diligently researched, reconstructed, and innovated dishes to teach and promote Hue royal cuisine such as “Nem Cong Cha Phung” (cong-shaped spring roll, phung-shaped sausage), royal cakes, shrimp sausage on kumquat branches… which have been widely introduced to the public, domestic and international tourists.

Nem Cong Cha Phung

According to historical records, the phoenix (or fenghuang) is a bird (in the quartet of mythical creatures: dragon, unicorn, turtle, phoenix) symbolizing elegance and longevity. Nem cong is made from pheasant meat processed into sour sausage, a dish that detoxifies and cools the body. In the past, there were many pheasants raised in the Imperial Inner Palace because of the royal hunting team bringing them to nurture for serving at royal banquets. Nowadays, these two species of birds are listed in the red book, prohibited from illegal hunting, so chefs have innovated the dish by replacing it with pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, fish to create nem cong and cha phung sausages” – according to Master Chef Phan Ton Gia Hien and NNC Le Tan (event content consultant).

Master Chef Le Nguyen Hoan Long – Vice President of the World Super Chef Association – Crafting the dish “East Meets West Gathering” – American Beef with Vietnam Forest Pepper Sauce

Derived from the rich culinary heritage of the South, culinary artisan Le Nguyen Hoan Long will showcase the dish “East Meets West Gathering” – American Beef with Tay Giang Forest Pepper Sauce (European style, Vietnamese flavors & ingredients), promising to deliver an exceptional culinary experience.

Le Nguyen Hoan Long, a name deeply engraved in the hearts of Vietnamese cuisine enthusiasts under the pseudonym “David Long.” He is a talented chef, having established and developed numerous successful restaurants both domestically and internationally. What sets his cuisine apart is his ability to preserve the original flavors of traditional Vietnamese dishes while skillfully infusing them with vibrant twists, making them even more enticing, all in accordance with Vietnam’s traditional culinary methods.

With numerous achievements under his belt: Top 100 Outstanding Chefs in Asia 2024 organized by Singapore, 4 gold medals in the Asian culinary competition in Taiwan, Level 4 International Judge of the World Super Chef Association, Judge of the Culinary World Cup in Malaysia, Judge of The Future Chef program for several years, Judge of the young chef competition in Ho Chi Minh City. He has appeared on various television programs on HTV7 – HTV9 – VTV1 – VTV3.

East Meets West Gathering

“East Meets West Gathering” is a splendid fusion of traditional Vietnamese flavors and European culinary style. Tay Giang forest pepper, a characteristic pepper of Tay Giang district, Quang Nam province, is a unique blend of pepper and chili, considered a precious spice, adding a special touch to this dish. Potatoes are prepared in a modern style, cooked in butter to impart a unique flavor and crispiness. The presentation of the dish is meticulously crafted, with a glass tray adorned with dry ice, bamboo leaves, and Himalayan pink salt. The beef is sous vide and seared on the pan right before serving, accompanied by potatoes and bread, creating a visually stunning experience, emitting an enticing aroma that captivates the guests’ olfactory senses, achieving the artisan’s goal with the art of culinary craftsmanship, elevating the dish “East Meets West Gathering” to its pinnac.

Master Chef Le Van Khanh – Executive Chef at the National Convention Center – Crafting the “Fish turns into Dragon” Dish

 With over 30 years dedicated to Vietnamese cuisine, Master Chef Le Van Khanh has created many delicious dishes, establishing his personal brand as well as significantly promoting the essence of Vietnamese culinary culture to friends both domestically and internationally. His creations include: 16 premium stewed dishes, bagridae fish stewed in ancient tea; 37 stone bowl Pho; venison marinated in forest leaves; snow bird’s nest soup, and more.

For his substantial contributions, Master Chef Le Van Khanh has been honored as one of the Top 10 ASEAN culinary artisans; awarded the World Gold Plate for creativity and contribution; and held many important roles such as: Executive Committee Member of the Vietnam Culinary Culture Association, Judge on Top Chef Vietnam, Head Chef on VTV3’s program “5-Star Hotel,” and more.

Currently, Culinary Artisan Le Van Khanh is the Executive Chef at 37A Hung Vuong, Hanoi & the premium complex of the National Convention Center & Ho Chi Minh Political Academy. He is among the few chefs in Vietnam who truly understand and can perfectly cater to the tastes of businesspeople, politicians, and the most discerning gourmets.

Fish turns into Dragon

Originating from a rich blend of sea flavors, aromatic forest essences, and earthy scents, in recent years, the distinctive dish from sea eel has become a symbol of coastal cuisine, offering guests unique and appealing culinary experiences. Among these, one of the most special and unique versions is the “Fish turns into Dragon” crafted by artisan An Khanh. Fish turns into Dragon is not just a delicious dish but also a culinary artwork, a delicate combination of fresh ingredients and characteristic sea spices. With the creativity and passion of the head chef, this dish promises to offer guests authentic and unforgettable culinary experiences.

Executive Chef Doan Van Tuan – Vice Chairman of the Danang Cultural and Culinary Association – Crafting the dish “Spring Essence”

With his experience and skills, along with a spirit of continuous learning and creativity, Executive Chef Doan Van Tuan has been enriched by the invaluable experience passed down from a culinary expert of Hue Imperial Cuisine, Mai Thi Tra (who is a descendant of Queen Mai Thi Vang, wife of King Duy Tan, the sole living witness of the Nguyen Dynasty). The program “Spring Culinary Cultural Night – Vietnamese Roots, Artisan Heritage” will leave a lasting impression on esteemed guests with its performance of “Spring Essence” and the serving of Ginseng Tea by Culinary Artisan and Dual Record Holder Doan Van Tuan. Chef Doan Van Tuan, a renowned Vietnamese culinary artisan and dual record holder, holds the position of Executive Chef at the 5-star Furama Resort & Ariyana International Convention Centre Danang, with over 20 years of experience in the culinary industry. Executive Chef Doan Van Tuan has served as a reputable judge for numerous prestigious international culinary competitions and landmark culinary events in Danang and other provinces across Vietnam, including: Danang Talented Chef Competition; International Chef Competition “CATRION Jet Setters Platte” – APOT Asia Forum; Hanoi Talented Chef Competition II; Ninh Thuan Talented Chef Competition; jointly creating and setting a Vietnamese record with the dish “Assorted Stir-fried Noodles Hue Style served to 1,000 people at once” – “Noodle Craftsmanship Essence” Food Festival Traditional Craft Hue 2023, Vietnam Talented Chef Competition X – 2024 (VNCC 2024),… It can be said that Executive Chef Tuan is a global culinary leader. He has spent time studying, exchanging professions, and organizing Vietnamese culinary events in Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, the United States,…

Currently, he serves as the head of the Central Region culinary cluster for the Vietnamese Cultural and Culinary Association (VCCA) and also as the Vice Chairman in charge of the Artisan Committee and culinary research of the Danang Cultural and Culinary Association (DCCA). These are influential organizations playing a key role in the journey of preservation, elevation, and development of Vietnamese culinary culture.

Spring Essence

The magic of Vietnamese cuisine unfolds when selected ingredients are combined to create a harmonious and balanced nourishing dish, aiding digestion and providing refreshment to guests to conclude the Spring Roots and Vietnamese Heritage night. With a diverse and distinctive combination including: Tinh Tam lotus seed sweet soup, Hue (in consciousness) where lotus seeds aid digestion well when paired with Red Bean Sweet Soup scientifically known for its digestive and cardiovascular support, combined with Korean Ginseng Tea to clear heat and especially aid digestion, while Ginger-scented Mung Bean Cake has the function of reducing sugar and supporting weight loss, creating this interesting dessert combo will ensure a night full of joy, health, and boundless energy.

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