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V-senses Wellness & Spa honored with the esteemed title of “Resort Spa of the Year” by the Asia Pacific Spa Wellness Coalition (APSWC)

V-senses Wellness & Spa, a leading spa and wellness destination, was recently honored with the esteemed title of “Resort Spa of the Year” by the Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Coalition (APSWC). The APSWC Awards 2024 gala ceremony, held in Bangkok, brought together distinguished members of the coalition from across the Asia Pacific region for a night of celebration and recognition.
Amidst tough competition from renowned global spa brands, V-senses Wellness & Spa stood out as a shining example of excellence in the industry. The team takes great pride in receiving this prestigious accolade, which serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to their guests.



Ms. Sheinette Ivy Gonda-Sevilla, the Spa Director of V-senses Wellness & Spa, expressed her excitement, stating, “This is a remarkable achievement for us, and it sets the tone for an extraordinary year ahead. In just one year since the establishment of V-senses Wellness & Spa, our hard work and dedication have truly paid off.”
V-senses Wellness & Spa is dedicated to offering a unique and immersive wellness experience for guests who prioritize their well-being. With their indigenous treatments, exclusive essential oils, and a serene ambiance surrounded by lush greenery and refreshing ocean breezes, every aspect of V-senses contributes to its distinctive and unforgettable essence.



Mr. Nguyen Duc Quynh, the founder of V-senses Wellness & Spa, expressed his pride in the brand’s success, stating, “V-senses Wellness & Spa is rapidly establishing itself as one of Vietnam’s premier spa destinations. With our team of international wellness experts, skilled staff, unique services, and exclusive spa products, we firmly believe that our achievements will significantly contribute to the growth of wellness tourism in Vietnam.”


V-senses Wellness & Spa remains committed to providing exceptional services and continually raising the bar in the spa and wellness industry.


About V-Senses Wellness & Spa:
V-Senses is a premium health care brand developed by IBH Wellness, focusing on balance and sustainable health improvement through physical activities and unique and refined traditional therapies. V-Senses’ products and therapies are independently researched and developed, drawing inspiration from the five senses of human beings, natural ingredients from different regions of the country, and forgotten traditional medicinal herbs. Through the harmonious combination of health care, healthy eating habits, and well-balanced exercise programs, V-Senses awakens beauty and health from within, providing customers with moments of relaxation, rejuvenation of the mind and body, and rediscovery of balance in life.


In addition to V-Senses Wellness & Spa, IBH Wellness also develops the Renata Urban Spa brand, a day spa model located in shopping centers, offices, city hotels, and various other locations. The goal of Renata Urban Spa is to bring health care “closer” to the busy daily life. Renata Urban Spa is currently being consulted and implemented in many establishments in Halong, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, and other locations.

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