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Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Awards 2023 given Phu Long

(Ho Chi Minh City June 29, 2023), this is the second time Phu Long has been honoured at the “Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Awards 2023” award organized by Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine. The award recognizes businesses’ effective contributions to sustainable development, environmental friendliness and social justice.

This year, the Organizing Committee divided into 18 award categories, helping businesses to focus on their strengths related to sustainable development in the year, and at the same time making it easier for the community to recognize their contributions. of the enterprise. The nominated companies have undergone evaluation steps according to a strict set of criteria including stable growth, sustainable corporate culture, corporate governance, environmental protection and social responsibility.

On behalf of Phu Long, Deputy General Director Richard Mark Leech received the award

Overcoming many businesses in the same industry, Phu Long Urban Developer was honored to be voted as one of the 50 typical sustainable development enterprises in 2023. The award recognizes Phu Long’s achievements in the year. nearly 2 decades of establishment, development and efforts to overcome all difficulties and challenges of Phu Long staff in the past 2022. All for the purpose of sustainable development, for human development, environmentally friendly products and services, bringing value to the community, residents and investors. The award also inspires communities and businesses to practice sustainable development in the most practical and effective way.

Representatives of companies and businesses received the award “Top 50 Sustainable Development Enterprises 2023”

“Phu Long has applied technology extensively in all areas of activity, from business to urban areas… in 2022. Along with that, sustainable development has always been focused by the company, towards building construction. green urban area, civilized community. This award is a living proof of the company’s future development orientation. At the same time, it is also a guideline in the direction of Phu Long’s Board of Directors, taking sustainable development, helping society and creating a green living environment, respecting nature and local culture,” said Richard. Mark Leech – Deputy General Director of Phu Long shared.

During the business operation process, responsibility to the environment, society and corporate governance has always been the guideline guiding the business strategies of Phu Long. In which, social responsibility has been devoted by the company’s leadership to maintain many activities to contribute to the community, especially focusing on supporting localities to improve the health and education system.

For the second year in a row, Phu Long has been honored as a sustainable enterprise

It is known that Phu Long has mobilized up to hundreds of billions of dong to support the community, disadvantaged situations and many meaningful activities such as building large-scale resettlement housing in Lang Son, charity kitchen. For the poor, donating equipment for the fight against covid 19. Besides, there are a series of cultural and artistic activities for the community and the whole society such as Home Hanoi Xuan flower street, Festival The United States and the Peach Blossom Festival in Lang welcomed nearly 200,000 visitors.

In short, investment in ESG (Environment – Society – Governance) – important indicators towards the goal of green and sustainable growth is currently a top priority of Phu Long. The company aims to make ESG a pillar to help businesses grow at the highest level of Sustainability, contributing to the development of the real estate industry in particular and the Vietnamese economy in general.


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